I Prayed for Clarity and Got a Wake Up Call

Time To Wake Up (Camp Fire 2013)
Over the course of the last 4 months I have had a thirst that was completely unquenchable. This is not a metaphor, I literally would drink and drink and drink water all day long and never be sated. Along with this I was experiencing serious acid reflux in my throat that was extremely debilitating, would limit my work and my home life. I was constantly tired though I am very active, eat very healthy and get plenty of rest.

I have been working very hard this last year trying to figure out a path for myself that would support my family fully. Before I left North Carolina over two weeks ago I purified myself and prayed for clarity.

After two intense weeks in Minnesota I had participated in Camp Fire, spent time with family and friends, and then attended Project Earth: Wookiefoot. I was tired and exhausted. I hadn’t really exerted myself as hard as I felt. Sunday I could barely walk around. We stayed at Harmony Park to relax and get our bearings. By the time the evening rolled around I was starving hungry and I sat down with a plate of beautiful food… and couldn’t eat more than 1 bite. I was ready to fall over. I was treated to some healing by close friends and felt well enough to get up drink some water and go to sleep.

I woke up Monday and didn’t have the energy to sit up… With a trip to the emergency room I was treated for Ketoacidosis, diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, put on an IV with saline and insulin. From that moment until now it has been an intense string of moments and healing.

I finally after four months feel hydrated.

I am working through the dips and highs of taking the medicine that western science has provided me. I feel good. It has had a host of side effects I could not have imagined.

My heart is wide open in a way it has never been before. I have been taken care of and assisted by so many people that I love, so many friends/family old and new. I have been humbled by my own body. Though I know this journey is just beginning I have achieved the clarity I sought in a way I couldn’t have wished for nor imagined.

When I return tomorrow to Asheville I will begin my healing journey strong and vital with a warmth in my core that hasn’t been engaged for a very long time.

Life is a rollercoaster of awe. Anything is possible, and I will manifest my highest good.


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