After the Rollercoaster Leveled Out

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Three months ago I ended up in the emergency room with a diagnosis of Type 1 diabetes. You may have read my post back at the end of June. If not, go back and read it if you want to know where this all started. I spent my first month on a wild roller coaster ride of hyper and hypoglycemia, emotional and mental crashes.

I was prescribed a total of 40 units of insulin (including two different types I was mixing and taking twice a day). One roller coaster went like this: I check my blood sugar, it’s high (I’m just learning how this all works), take prescribed insulin, several hours later I am low blood sugar, and not just normal low… way low. I throw a bunch of sugars into my system to come back up… brings me back to a normal status… most times.

I have to say at this moment what hypoglycemia feels like (low blood sugar). The first time it happened I felt drunk, I slurred and stuttered my words, the world felt a little like it was spinning. Mostly this is because my brain is not getting enough energy to work; if it goes too low I can end up with some brain damage or just simply dying. Some of my episodes lasted 10 minutes, others lasted an hour.

A couple weeks after I got home I watched a wonderful movie called “Simply Raw: Reversing Diabetes in 30 Days”, which is mainly about eating raw to cure diabetes. Lisa and I took it upon ourselves to start slow and seek medical advice on changing my diet and manipulating my insulin. We incorporate raw for about 25% of our daily diet in total. Hypoglycemia gets worse. I should note no one ever told me how to fix the hypoglycemia other than quick fixes. After about a month of this insanity an acquaintance of ours says, “you need to lower your insulin intake”. So I try it. I skip it one night. I freak out because it ends up too high that night, so I take a little insulin (much less than I had been) and I’m good. That’s when I realize, I need to take this into my own hands this is not working.

I start seeing a Chiropractor that practices Applied Kinesiology. I tell him I want to work on my diet. I want to know: do I have undiagnosed food allergies? Am I deficient in any nutrients? Should I try this 100% raw thing? I try a few dietary limitations, get some allergy resets, and after a month or so of continuing the partial-raw, supplements I’ve been prescribed by the Chiro, and continued learning and food practice, I’ve got my insulin levels down. Way down. Two months in and I’m down to taking 6 units of insulin a day.

My food portions are smaller and my stomach has shrunk. I’m eating mostly vegetables, animal proteins and a small portion of carbohydrates (from grains mostly). Great… so 6 units a day, my blood sugar is level all day long, no highs, no lows. Perfect. Next step: how do I get this down even lower?

I start taking a supplement called Nopal Cactus, and try lowering again… another week goes by and I’m leveling out at 4 units a day. Another week goes by.

Then, 2 weeks ago this past Friday I had an amazing breakthrough praying and fasting, and now…

I’m insulin free.

2 and a half weeks no insulin. I saw a endocrinologist and he tells me its possible for the body to have a “honeymoon period” where some leftover cells start producing insulin. It can last anywhere from 0 to 6 months.

I’m skeptical. I didn’t get to 0 units of insulin a day with western medicine, why should I start believing this now? So I have some time to figure it out. In the last week I’ve had some highs. Its been really telling. I am working hard to keep my blood sugar in control, and every day it gets easier.

The whole last 3 months has been really revealing to me the nature of food and its relation to us as humans. I am only starting to know what effect what types of foods will have on my body.

It’s still been an emotional, spiritual, mental roller coaster trip. I’m still working on it. There’s a lot of work to be done. This disease has not just ‘happened’ to me. It is an effect of my spiritual and emotional well-being, and it’s up to me to cure myself of the causes.

Western medicine says there is no cure for Type 1 diabetes… there may not be a ‘cure’, after 3 months I have heard enough stories of people removing their dependence on insulin to believe I can’t manage this without it.

I can do this.

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