Velocity of Success

Sky is the Limit, Juggle the Things

Quietly I’ve been stressing about a good handful of things this last month or so; also realized that I have access to some awesome mojo when I’m focused.

In the last week I’ve had three job interviews to replace the hours I’ll be losing next month. After a week of getting my resume together I put it out right away and got responses right away.

I’m feeling great about what my resume is; much more skilled than I was years ago, I have confidence in my capabilities.

I also have a lot of directions I can go with this time opportunity, having secured a portion of what will be subtracted from my next secure paycheck pushes me on. I can decide to be looking for full time work, or part time work, or part time and freelance work or… who knows what.

I discovered shortly before having this opportunity the itch to get really in depth in one topic that I have familiarity with but never did the deep dive.

Above my home computer monitor there’s a calendar August through December; starting on the eleventh of August I made my first red ‘X’, then did it again the next night and the next, until thirty one days later the chain has been unbroken.

The first week it was twenty to thirty minutes, after that the plus sign appeared next to that ‘X’. The second week spending 30 minutes to an hour led me to stop counting: I was hooked.

I’ve understood the web languages on a rudimentary level since fifteen years old. Picking them up as hobby years ago led to real work quickly; it watered my roots: familiarizing myself with Unix, HTML, Photoshop, and anything that stood in my way set me up to feel really comfortable doing anything thrown my way.

Beginning to brush up on current standards before I left Minneapolis has allowed me to feel like I’m crafting web pages “the right way”. No corners cut: pure as can be.

I love to code, and can get lost in it. My programmatic thinking ability is increasing as I’m studying Javascript daily. This language is starting to feel like a doorway to higher syntactical thinking. Some nights happen with dreams of functions, objects, and methods; some days seem like they could never stop while connecting to the code editor and command line.

It all so conveniently lines up, some might even say synchronously – and the more it happens the more faith there is that it is happening. I guess that’s just what manifesting is: being certain the chances of success are greater than the chances of failure in a particular direction.

ve·loc·i·ty (noun): the speed of something in a given direction

Shakespeare phrases it best: “O! for a muse of fire, that would ascend the brightest heaven of invention.”

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